I’m talking about massages, not bread making. Everyone raves about massages. It can relieve pain, promote healing, reduce stress, as well as many other benefits. I always think about getting a massage, but actually following through isn’t my strong suit. I did get a massage while on vacation, and let me share a little bit about it.

The music played in spas is meant to relax you. Pan flute is not my usual music choice, but when at the spa one listens to spa music. (Google it- “spa music” is a term.) That said, upon entering the dimly lit room, I noticed a plastic wrap on the table, which I thought was odd. After I undressed, the massage therapist instructed me to lie down and relax. Lie down on the plastic wrap? Yes, she slathered my body with aloe, which felt refreshing in a slimy kind of way. She proceeded to wrap me into a cocoon with the plastic wrap. Let’s just say it was a long twenty minutes although my skin felt relief from the sunburn of earlier in the week.

From that point on, the massage therapist stretched me in ways no physical therapist ever has. For example, she put her feet on my shoulders and had me hold onto her hands and she pulled me. She stretched me every which way. The next thing I knew she was walking on my back. She did deep tissue pressure and a light pounding on all my muscles. The feather light touches on the face with lavender were soothing yet annoying. By the end of the two hours, I felt relaxed with reduced tension in my back. The soreness two days later attested to the stretching.

As I explained my experience to my husband, I realized I liked being pampered, and I really need to add massage to my list of regular self-care activities. But next time no aloe wrap or back walking.