I’m taking the word snowflake back and using it only to describe a delicate ice crystal. Of late, the term snowflake has again been coopted by the culture wars*.  The word is meant as a derogatory descriptor of someone who is viewed as too sensitive or worse.  The term is often used to describe young adults, the Millennials and Generation Z.  It’s too broad of a brush to paint with – to label an entire generation as easily offended.

Don’t give into the simplistic term snowflake for describing another.  Listen to them, inquire for understanding. Find out the ‘why’ behind their concern.  You’ll find they are not a symbol of fragility.  Rather to voice their concern, they must be strong.

While not scientifically proven that each snowflake is unique in shape, it’s an accepted belief.  I am unique and so are you.  We each bring our own strengths and weaknesses to the table.  Individual snowflakes are almost magical.  An accumulation of snowflakes can blanket the landscape to appear almost like a fresh canvas for an artist.  When we show one another respect and share a common purpose, we are like an avalanche of possibilities.   Let it snow!

* Fascinating short history of the term snowflake can be found here.