Every October my husband starts to grow a beard that he will promptly shave off on December 26th.  Yes, he plays Santa Claus during the holidays for a select few.  By December, he has a pretty awesome Santa beard complete with the curls at the end mustache.   He takes his Santa gig very seriously, even went to a Santa School in Denver for a weekend to learn the tricks of the trade.

He recently saw a local retailer was hiring for seasonal jobs including Santa.  He applied online and eagerly awaited his interview.  The lady asked him what job he was most interested in and he confidently said Santa.  She should have known by looking at his beard.  She explained the jobs paid $9.50 an hour and my husband incredulously asked “for Santa?”  Most Santas get a minimum of $50 an hour.  When he said he wasn’t interested in being a $9.50/hour Santa, she asked if he’d be interested in a retail job.  No, he just wanted to be Santa.  As he was leaving, she called out inquiring if he’d consider being the Easter Bunny during the spring.

Poor lady was suggesting the Easter Bunny and Santa are equivalent, and they just aren’t.  The story of Santa is one of magic and hope.  He has his helpers all over the world.  Whether you’re dressed in red with a beard or not, be Santa this Christmas Season. As Edwin Osgood Grover wrote, “Santa Claus is anyone who loves another and seeks to make them happy.”  You don’t need a beard or red suit to do that.  Spread the joy!