I’ve been on a couple of road trips lately and all have been on familiar roads; thus, my mind drifts while I’m tootling down the familiar byways.  Here are some of those wonderings.

  • Sometimes it’s just more expedient to ask for forgiveness than to wait on permission. I don’t try to make this a way of life, but sometimes it’s just the course of least resistance.
  • Instead of waiting for somebody else to do something, step up to the plate and do it or be quiet about it. If we all did a little, few would have to do most of the work.  But that is not how the Pareto principle works.  That’s the 80-20 rule.
  • Children are like inverse paranoids. They think everyone is out to do them good.  What if we all adopted the good intent rule?  As the late great Louie Armstrong sang, “What a wonderful world.”
  • Why did it take one of my sons until his senior year in college on the five year plan to realize that college is expensive? Did we not explain that to him?  Did we never show him the tuition bill?
  • Trust your creep radar. Most women have a creep radar and if goes off, trust it.
  • Attitude is everything. Some folks are negative.  Wonder what happened to them to make them have such a poor view of their surroundings.  Likewise, what makes some people so upbeat?  How do they keep that sunny disposition?
  • People are strange; we all are in our own unique ways.
  • What was I thinking about when I missed my exit? Why did I miss my exit?

I’m on the road again soon.  Perhaps I should really try to focus more, but my mind tends to wonder.