I wrote a blog post on peace recently. I believe my post was incomplete. Perhaps one can never be complete when contemplating peace as a state of being or as a concept. Yet, I missed an element that is too important to ignore.

I do want physical peace and an end to senseless wars, but equally important is an end to the violence found in the cities of the US. In particular, I’m thinking of the violence against black men. I know there are always multiple truths to a situation. I am in no way suggesting that every police shooting is unjustified. Rather, I am saying we as a society must find a way to embrace community, true community.

As I write this post, Charlottesville has just happened and the condemnation of white supremacy was not immediate and clear from the President of the United States. This troubles me too as it did not nurture peace. I don’t know what has transpired between I write this and when it will post. All the more need for peace of body, spirit, and mind.

So when I say my prayers for peace, I am praying for a peaceful world starting in our neighborhood communities. Peace begins with each of us. I’m doing my part to learn more, give more grace, and to listen for understanding. As the late John Lennon wrote, “All we are saying is give peace a chance.”