Lifestyle Management Plan – that is what I euphemistically refer to as my attempt to improve my diet, exercise regularly and sleep more. It’s just too dreadful to think about dieting, the action of decreasing my caloric intake to maximize my pound decrease. I thought if I could make it my lifestyle management activity then my mind would better embrace it. For me, I know it really is mind over mouth. So far, not so good. I’m still, as the massage therapist said, chubby. LOL! Chubby. I hadn’t heard that phrase in years. That’s a blog post just waiting to be written. Back to the subject at hand, lifestyle management.

Exercise, the second in my three legged stool of lifestyle management. I’d rather walk the long way, if it is flat, than take the shortcut up those stairs. I’m fine walking downhill, but do I really have to walk back up? I have a membership to my local gym and its membership fee is deducted regularly from my bank account. Too bad they can’t abduct me regularly as that might solve the motivation problem. I don’t get that rush from exercise and don’t tell me I’m not working hard enough to stimulate the endorphins. It might be true, but I don’t want to hear it.

Finally, I don’t even do the sleep thing well. I’d rather stay up to listen to Brian Williams and the Eleventh Hour then go to bed. Why? The truth is he isn’t going to tell me anything I couldn’t find out in the morning. Not to mention that I find myself waking at strange hours often thinking about work or worse, the laundry. Ah, the laundry another blog post begging to be written, but I digress. Sleep, it’s not as easy as it should be.

I’m not giving up on the lifestyle management plan. I want to live a long and full life which is going to require me to do a bit more work on managing the style of my life. Now, if you need me, I’m probably thinking about how I should exercise more and eat right as I try to fall asleep.