Even if you don’t work at an academic institution like I do, I’m sure you notice the arrival of the summer months. The rhythms of families and communities change. There are concerts in the park, farmers’ markets in the parking lots, and ballgames in the stadiums. We often hear the phrase ‘the lazy days of summer,’ yet those days aren’t really lazy.

In academia, we fool ourselves into believing we will get to projects or complete a task during the downtime of summer. Summer arrives, and we find it is busy with orientation, annual reports, and planning for the next academic year. It’s merely a different kind of busy, not lazy. While the student meetings or night time commitments may be fewer, the work is consistent.

Rather than long for those mythical lazy days, I accept them as the slower days of summer. That said, it’s important to take some time to refuel and relax. I hope you took that time for yourself. Whether you read a book, puttered in a garden, enjoyed a mountain hike or a beach view, summer is always a time to slow down a bit because in the flip of a calendar page, fall is here.