Random acts of kindness make my day whether I’m the recipient or the giver.  Being kind costs you nothing; yet, it can reap untold rewards.  Kindness can come in many forms.  Be they big actions or small gestures, most of us can always be a little kinder.

You can smile at someone as you are walking down the sidewalk.  Your smile might be the only smile the person sees that day.  You can pick up the piece of litter in the hall.  It improves the physical look of the building, and it promotes a respectful community.  You can offer to carry a package for someone who looks like they have their hands more than full.  All of these acts of kindness show that you noticed your surroundings.  You saw an opportunity to be kind and took it.

Why aren’t people more kind to one another?  Some perceive kindness as a weakness and others view it with suspicion.  When did we get that way or better yet how?  Some are willing to extend a helping hand (kindness) but aren’t as comfortable accepting that same gesture from another.

Embrace kindness in yourself and others. Find a way to show another person you noticed their need or you wanted to brighten their day.  It doesn’t have to be flowers or a grand gesture, practice smiling or saying hello as you go through your day.  You’ll find your own mood improved simply by being kind.