Daily journaling is said to help you identify your feelings, see patterns in your life, allow you to express gratitude, or document significant life experiences.  I know people who swear by journaling.  They don’t understand why everyone doesn’t journal.

Journaling does not come naturally to me.  I’ve tried.  I’ve purchased the expensive bound journals, the guided journals, the whimsical journals and I just can’t keep the momentum.  I once journaled for two weeks straight and then I didn’t.  I didn’t miss the daily task.

I will admit when I discover a discarded journal that I started writing in, I’m often surprised at how I was feeling at that time or how I saw a certain situation.  No doubt, the journal or diary would be a worthy addition to a family history.  I often wish I knew more about my parents as individuals with a life outside of being my parent.  If they had journals, I’d get that glimpse into their history.

While I’m not good at Journaling, I am very good at a ‘To Do’ list.  I find if I write down the tasks I need to accomplish, I am much more likely to accomplish them.  Perhaps the list jogs my memory to do something or perhaps it is the small thrill I get for marking something down as complete.  I don’t know what it is about me and the ‘To Do’ list, but it’s my friend.

Maybe I should keep my ‘To Do’ lists and use them as my journal. Not as my journal prompt, but the journal itself.  I know journaling is a positive activity and if I combined my ‘To Do’ and M\my ‘To Done’ lists, I’d be well on my way to journaling.  Don’t think I’ll buy another journal to do proof of concept; rather, I’ll find one of those old ones I started and file my list there.   What say you, do you journal?