I chuckle whenever I hear the term ‘hot mess.’ I conjure images of what the person is trying to convey. Usually they are referring to another person as a hot mess. Do they mean the person is poorly dressed and not very stylish, i.e. a mess? Do they mean the person has so many conflicting issues that long term therapy is probably their only recourse? I’m never quite sure what they are trying to tell me other than the person is certainly nonconforming and in need of assistance.

When the hot mess is a situation I know it is one that resembles a hairball, a great big hairball. As soon as I straighten one hair strain, another one is right there obstructing the complete release. The term ‘hot mess’ tells me the situation is complex with no easy solutions and that there is no general agreement on possible solutions.

Hot Mess! Most people would run the other direction when told they need to deal with a hot mess. Not me, I see it as an opportunity to learn and perhaps help another person. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t go out looking for hot messes, but I also don’t avoid them. Truth be told, I’m embracing the hot mess until the heat becomes too much.

  • Ronei L. Harden

    Love your perspective, Jane. Signed, One Hot Mess 🙂