Do you ever take the time to listen to the conversations around you? You might hear them in the mall, on the street, or at a basketball game.  If you take the time to be present you can hear the darnedest things.  I like to think it is not eavesdropping if they are talking loud enough to be heard.  I’ve been amused, bewildered, and entertained by some of the random conversations I’ve heard.

I overheard two young people talking in the grocery store about which oatmeal to purchase.  The one wanted to buy the cheapest while the other wanted the name brand because it had the instructions on it.  Given the proliferation of smart phones and YouTube videos, I’d have thought they could find the directions anywhere.

At a store, I overheard a mother ask her children “Is that what you really want?” And I thought to myself, it’s a child and yes that is what they really want.  You are trying to reason with someone who doesn’t have that sophisticated of skills.  Don’t waste your breath mom.

At a restaurant, I overheard a group of older women talking about the end of life and burial plots.  Why? Maybe I’ll be able to understand this conversation when I get older, but for now I was thinking “Do your friends really want to know about your burial plans while eating chicken salad?”

At a basketball practice, when my son was young, the coach called out to him to use his other right hand.  The boy didn’t know left from right.

Today, it seems as if everyone has earbuds in their ears and they are missing the richness of life around them.  Yes, some of it is absurd, but most of it is rich with the everyday wonders and disappointments of life.  I’m working on being more present and aware of those around me.  I can vicariously share their joys and understand their disappointments.  Try it yourself and listen for the darnedest things.